Lynn  Harper is the unconventional and well-loved media personality whose  fans dub themselves "Lynnatics."  Lynn hosted her own television talk  show, "THINOUT! WITH LYNN HARPER", which spurred her successful national newspaper column, by the same title, syndicated through The New York Times.

As San Diego's top female talk-radio host, she took the Lynn Harper Show on KOGO-AM 600 to the top of the radio ratings while at the same time hosting 2ndOPINION on KSDO-AM 1130.  With her unique perspective, she became a regular on-air contributor to CNN and MSNBC before moving on to anchor Time-Warner's Headline News in San Diego.  Lynn also produced and hosted the weekly television program, Inside Southern California


About Lynn


The first  sounds Lynn Harper ever made probably saved her life. Found abandoned in  a Berkeley, California dumpster, her voice brought rescuers and  adoption into a loving home where she was raised by two people, one  white and Jewish, one black and Baptist. Among her adopted relatives was  the Brazilian super-star, Carmen Miranda, who died before she could  finish teaching Lynn the samba. 

Lynn learned about the value of communication at an early age, as an actress in, movies, a recurring role on the television series, My Three Sons and as a country western singer nominated Most Promising by the Academy of Country and Western Music.

Finding  that communication plays a significant role in business, Lynn moved  upward in the ranks of Fortune 500 companies such as Gillette, Miles  Laboratories, American Home Products and Faberge. 

Even the world of  politics wasn’t safe from Lynn Harper. She spent a number of years  working for the Governor of Iowa as head of Business and Economic  Development for that state. 

Lynn  revved up her communications skills and simultaneously developed and  hosted her own cable television show and a radio talk show on WHO AM,  one of the largest stations in the Midwest. At the same time she became a  syndicated columnist with the New York Times and her column could be  found in newspapers across the U.S. Books and magazine articles soon  followed. 

When politics showed her  its seamy side, Lynn left Iowa and entered the world of network  marketing through Amway Corporation and, applying her Fortune 500  marketing skills, soon became its most successful marketer. The Amway  experience led to a partnership in Quorum, International, which grew to  be the world's largest direct marketer of electronic security products.  Lynn and her partner also built QSN, the Quorum Satellite Network, into  the largest privately owned satellite network in North America and  possibly, the world. In addition to developing all programming for the  network, Lynn also hosted the weekly informational program  -  Quorum  Now! 

After  returning to California, Lynn became San Diego's number one female radio  talk show host with programs on KOGO, KCEO, KSDO and KCBQ.  Lynn's talk  radio show was a forum for everyone. and she encouraged local, national and international participation with an open and informative exchange of views.  

At  the same time she opened the first Curves franchise in California,  became their Franchisee of the Year, then sold the business and  co-founded Liberty Fitness Centers, the fastest growing new women's  fitness franchise in America.  

She sold  her majority interest in the company in order to pursue her various  media endeavors. Currently, her television show - 2nd Opinion - is found  on TV  reruns and she appears regularly as a commentator on CNN and  MSNBC.


As a  regular on-air personality and special features producer for CNN's local  outlet Time Warner Headline News, and as a featured columnist with the  North County Times, Lynn hopes to encourage common sense and a realistic questioning of today's society with focus on opinions and community involvement.  

Lynn's fans  call themselves "Lynnatics" and this website is for them and all who  are in search of a voice as well as a direction for a better future.  


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